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Selected Photos

Selected Veterans Photos

A sample of some of the material submitted by Veterans History Project participants.

Portrait of Charles
Portrait of Charles Seipelt in his uniform.
Harold's Honorable Discharge
Document of Harold Bachman's Honorable Discharge.
B-29 Crew
Air Force crew of the B-29 Amiable Amazon at Adak Island, Alaska.
John's Portrait
Portrait of John Pingel in his uniform.
Harold's War Sketch
A sketch Harold Bachman drew during the fighting in the Pacific Theater.
John and His Sister
John Pingel and his sister at home.
John Clancy
Closeup of John Clancy
Air Force Flight Team
8th Air Force in Duxford, England.
Charles in the Reserves
Charles Seipelt in his uniform while serving in the Reserves.
John Clancy in Shanghai
John Clancy on a ship in Shanghai, China December 31, 1945
Jerry Ransohoff
Closeup of Jerry Ransohoff
Charles During His Honor Flight
Charles Seipelt on a visit to the World War II monument in Washington D.C. sponsored by Honor Flight.
Pilot Gets His Distinguished Flying Cross
General Woodbury pins the Distinguished Flying Cross on Lt. Harry Slater, Duxford, England, July 1944.
Leslie runs through some tests after making repairs.
German POW March
German POWs march west as US Army forces drive east, France, 1944.
William Rost in Uniform
William Rost in Uniform
Howard Arthur and his medals in 2006
Howard poses with his medals in 2006.
Benjamin Urmston
Close Up of Benjamin Urmston
Promotion of Mary Moran
US Air Force Nurse Mary Moran's promotion to captain, October 1963.
Brothers in Italy
Airmen Lt. William C. Goings and Milton E. Goings pose for a human interest story in Italy.
Ben on Guard
Ben stands at attention in California in September 1944
Newspaper Article about John
A Cincinnati newspaper clipping reporting that John Pingel had arrived in North Africa.
Leslie Edwards
Tuskegee Airman Leslie Edwards, 1943.
Fred J. Kellerman Jr.
Private First Class Fred J. Kellerman Jr. at home on leave, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1943.
Service Ribbon Card
Card giving Clancy permisson to wear his Service Ribbons
John and His Mother
John Pingel and his mother in Covington, KY.
John in Covington, KY
John Pingel on leave in Covington, KY.
Harold Huber in Uniform
Harold Huber in Uniform
Clancy Just Out of Bootcamp
John Clancy just out of Bootcamp November 28, 1943
Air Corps Flight Crew in Jeep
Air Corps flight crew Frank Garzia, Attleton, Joe Schankin, Frank Heekin, and George Vasapoulus, in Kingman, AZ, 1944.
Navy Discharge Paper
Honorable Discharge of Seaman First Class, William W. Jarrell, December 1945
Howard Arthur
Howard Arthur on leave in Dover from Launceston, England, 1944.
USS Sabine
Photo of USS Sabine, ship that Clancy served on during World War II
William C. Goings
William C. Goings of the 366th Infantry Regiment
USS Cowpens During Typhoon
Planes on flight deck of USS Cowpens during a typhoon, December 1944. All planes were lost or jettisoned.
William Goings
Closeup of William Goings
Inside Air Force Operational Headquarters
Airmen at work in the operational headquarters in Adak Island, Alaska.
New Year's Eve in France 1944
Friends Vince Verlod and Howard Mushaben celebrate New Year's Eve in France with a special treat, a loaf of French bread.
a shot of soldiers arriving into port at Manila in April 1946
Leslie Edwards poses next to an airport with a friend
Soldiers in Philippines
Two soldiers pose for the camera while in the Philippines
Hitler's Eagle's Nest
Col. Arthur Arend overlooks the former mountain villa of Adolf Hitler after Liberation, Bertesgarden, Germany, July 1944.
Airman Harry Slater
Harry Slater in combat training, Nashville, TN, 1943.
Harold's Letter of Separation
Document of Harold Bachman's letter of separation.
Post War Philippines
A shot of a Flipino city in October 1945
POW Telegram
Telegram from Adjutant General to Robert Heekin notifying him that his son, Francis Heekin, is a Prisonar of War, July 1944
Harold Bachman
Portrait of Harold Bachman in his uniform
Japanese POWs
One of Benjamin's duties in the Phillipines was to guard Japanese Prisoners of War. Here is photo of two in October 1945.
Benjamin in the Philippines
Benjamin psoes in front of a church in September 1945. It was during his time in the Philippines that Benjamin decided to become a priest.
Benjamin Urmston in Uniform
Benjamin Urmston in July 1944
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